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„Finding Berlin: On Archives and Archiving“

Berlin Perspectives - Internationales Studienmodul (Kulturwissenschaft, Literaturwissenschaft):

“Finding Berlin”
On Archives and Archiving

Ana María Gómez López

Sommersemester 2016

This research seminar will provide students with approaches to „the archive“, understood as repositories of records from the past that can serve as source material for critical analysis and aesthetic invention. Field visits to archives in Berlin will provide „hands-on“ experiences for exploring archives, offering possibilities for developing a focused written and/or artistic research project.

Readings in history, literature, social sciences, and the visual arts will provide a critical framework for analyzing archives as sites of artistic creation, academic discovery, and theoretical construction. Students from all fields and different levels of proficiency in German are welcome.

see also: „Fonds (d’archives)“